Automated frame export

The netvision DSTV-Addin for Inventor® allows users to batch process complete assemblies and save considerable time to create DSTV files for the CNC machines.

The export of complete frame assemblies can be done by a few clicks and can include also the sheet metal parts. The exported files are ready to be directly used on DSTV compatible machines.

The integrated configuration manager will allow to extract filenames, BOM-Settings etc. directly from the document properties.

The fields of application are versatile

Take advantage of the DSTV-NC file format which is considered industry standard for communication between design software and CNC machines that produce structural steel directly from Inventor.

Customer specific modifications are can be done on project bases.

Product overview


  • Automated export of selected and/or complete frame structures and sheet metal parts within assemblies
  • Support for I-, L-, U-, RU-, C-, M- and T-Profiles
  • Export of holes (incl. chamfers), slots, jogs and mitre corners
  • Adjustabletables for standards
  • Automated creation of drawings for frames and flat patterns
  • Integration in Vault lifecycles and Jobserver tasks
  • Support for customer specific standards

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